Startups & Products


NRGsurf is a tech company focused on scalable software solutions with strong expertise in transportation systems' optimization & data gathering, storage, and visualization. The founders of NRGsurf have more than 30 years of cumulative experience in developing complex technical systems. NRGsurf has customers around the world and works with leading research institutions.

Our School Bus Management software helps schools to improve transportation for thousands of students through optimization and visual insights, making it more convenient, safe, and cost-effective.

We also developed and launched an online platform for large socio-economic studies. This platform helps researchers to collect and visualize data from over 3,000 participants worldwide (still counting). It also enables them to conduct complex randomized control studies.


BB MOBILITY was one of the first ride sharing companies in Germany.  We shipped a novel on-demand B2B/B2C ridesharing product that helped to cut CO2 emissions by ~80% and costs by up to 50% by using electric vehicles and combining rides. 

We developed innovative B2C/B2B user apps, algorithms for vehicle routing, and driver’s app. We also gained one of the few exemption permits to operate ride-pooling. We worked with renowned partners and customers, such as one of the biggest mobility trade fairs in Europe IAA Mobility.

Publication in Sueddeutsche Zeitung