Projects & Inventions

Project at UC Berkeley AI hackathon on integrating LLM with autonomous vehicles to help them better understand the context and plan a safe path accordingly. We made it to the top 10% of the teams at one of the largest AI hackathons in the world. 

MBA Master Thesis: Exploring the Behavior of Electric Vehicle Drivers and Their Decision-Making with Respect to Usage of Public Charging Infrastructure.

In this master thesis, I investigated EV drivers' decisions to make a detour to charge their vehicles at public charging stations and the incentives that can increase the detour's probability. The tested incentives include discounts on the price of kWh, discounts offered at the charging station goods, and different levels of power at the charging station. To answer my research question, I conducted a survey with 186 EV drivers. Using this sample, quantitative analysis was done, and implications for novel business models were suggested.